Do you want to know more about Bronte pistachio, properties and characteristics? Then you have landed in the right place. For those who do not know them yet, the Bronte pistachios owe their name to the renowned Sicilian town of Bronte, a town in the province of Catania, nestled between the slopes of Etna. This pistachio is an oily seed that is produced from a relatively small tree, the Pistacia vera. It is a plant with the features of the fig tree, which can live from 200 to 300 years. From there, the production of the fruit, which takes place only after 10 years of the tree’s life.
The Bronte pistachio, as you know, has been recognized by the European Union with the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). An award obtained in 2009, thanks also to the Bronte Pistachio Protection Consortium, made up of a group of producers aimed at preserving the quality of the product over time.
But what are the characteristics of this fruit? What kind of properties does the Bronte pistachio have? Let’s see it.

Pistachio di Bronte properties: let’s see the characteristics first

A characteristic that identifies the real Bronte pistachio is undoubtedly its color, a truly intense green. This is due to the massive presence of chlorophyll, superior to any other type of pistachio. The flavor, then, is absolutely incomparable: the real Bronte pistachio has a strong, aromatic and sweet taste. And it can be consumed in natural shell, even without roasting and salting.
To really experience the taste of the real Bronte pistachio, you can rely on our company Antonino Caudullo, which has been producing this and other dried fruit since 1949.

Bronte pistachio, properties and benefits

We now come to the heart of the matter: the properties of the Bronte pistachio. First of all, it is a fruit rich in minerals and antioxidants which, if consumed in moderation, does not even make you fat. In addition, it has a good dose of magnesium and potassium, but also fiber and omega 6 which allows you to moderate the blood sugar that often causes hunger peaks. In addition, pistachios also contain water and 21% protein.
It goes without saying that the benefits of this fruit can be several. One of these has to do with cholesterol: being devoid of it but rich in good fats, they can be eaten without too many thoughts. Not surprisingly, the World Health Organization recommends eating pistachios perhaps as a snack (30g). Being a low-calorie dried fruit compared to many others, it can be used as a hunger breaker without too many feelings of guilt.

Finally, how to use Bronte pistachios in recipes

With its very aromatic flavor, the Bronte pistachio lends itself to both recipes such as first courses and desserts. As for the first courses, pistachio grains are often used to flavor a pasta with cream or cheese. But pistachio pesto is also very common.
Finally, there is also the sweet alternative, such as Bronte pistachio ice cream, with a unique flavor, difficult to find in any other dried fruit. Or the pistachio biscuits, or even
pistachio chocolate, a more delicious alternative to the more common chocolate.