Nunzio and Alberto — the sons of Antonino, who founded the company in 1949 — are now in charge of the processing and marketing of nuts, particularly pistachios produced in the Bronte area. This is a tradition which has been handed down from generation to generation, nurtured with the passion that has always been a part of the Caudullo family. 

The company owns its own cropland, which it manages directly, and over the years it has built up collaborative relationships with producers for a meticulous selection of raw materials. Its current production facilities in Bronte consist of systems for the shelling, peeling, optical sorting and packaging of products, semi-finished products and derivatives, and boasts a reputation for professionalism and quality acquired through years of experience. The company brings the finest local pistachio produce to the national and overseas markets, along with a range of nut products to meet all the needs of professional users.