Etna’s Treasure


Scattered amid the sciare of Bronte — steep, winding streets that sprawl across the slopes of the volcano — a pistachio variety unlike any other in the world proudly grows.

With their unmistakeable appearance, fragrance and taste, pistachio nuts of the Pistacchio Verde di Bronte D.O.P. variety are particularly prized because each one is harvested by hand, and only every second year, justifying the title of “green gold” by which they have long been known. Each pistachio tree growing on the slopes of Mount Etna yields just a few kilograms of this small, aromatic nut, which requires careful and gentle processing after being harvested.
Sicily is the only pistachio-producing region in Italy, and the main area for the cultivation of the “pistacia vera” species is concentrated around the sciare of the village of Bronte, close to Mount Etna. Here, the volcanic soil gives the nuts their uniquely sweet and intense taste, as well as their distinctive emerald-green colour.

In fine cuisine, pastry-making and the ice cream industry, both in Italy and internationally, pistachios are considered a star ingredient thanks to the versatility with which they can be used and paired: top-quality pistachios guarantee excellence on the plate.

The special nature of the Pistacchio Verde di Bronte, which has long been recognised as a Slow Food product, has also been acknowledged by the European Union with the allocation of the D.O.P. title (P.D.O., Protected Designation of Origin), attesting to the uniqueness it possesses as a result of its intrinsic link with the region where it is produced and processed. The Protected Designation of Origin is supported by the Consortium for the Protection of Pistacchio Verde di Bronte D.O.P., which was established specifically to promote the product, educate consumers, and encourage technological innovation in order to improve production quality while respecting the land.